Vacuum Brazed Alumina Ceramic Thread Rod

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Vacuum Brazed Alumina Ceramic to Metal Assemblies for Microwave


FUBOON supplies precision Vacuum Brazed Alumina Ceramic Thread Rod in aluminum oxide ceramics for the medical, and aerospace industries. Through spray, needle, and brush coatings or screen printing our capabilities allow us to metallized on flat, cylindrical, and complex ceramic bodies. Moly-Manganese is the typical base coat materials used for metallization.In order to achieve the welding between ceramic and metal, the ceramic surface firmly adheres to a layer of the metal film, which is ceramic metallization.Refractory-metalized aluminum oxide ceramics widely use in power grid tubes, vacuum interrupters, and similar applications where metal to ceramic joints of exceptional strength and hermeticity is required.

Product Name
Metallized Alumina Ceramic Parts Insulator
95%, 96%, 99% Alumina (AL2O3)
Coaing Layer
Coaing thickness
Plated Layer
Plating thickness
Ceramic-to-Metal Seal
The Ceramic Surfaces for Brazing, the surface must be metallized.
Compare to Glass seal, Ceramic seal has exceptional resistance to thermal and mechanical shock as well as corrosion. While it requires more complex manufacturing processes and sophisticated engineering, the price is obviously higher.

Advantages of Ceramic-to-Metal Seals
* More solid, durable hermetic seal and better electrical insulation
* Used for more harsh conditions, such as high and low (cryogenic) temperature, corrosive, high pressure, and high vacuum environments
* High mechanical strength, less fracture when applied to high vibration and high g-load conditions
* Shows strong bond and an excellent seal with metals and alloys, such as copper and Cu alloys (CuNi) and to nickel and Ni alloys.
Vacuum Brazed Alumina Ceramic Thread Rod
Coating Layer


Plated Layer

Nickel, Copper, Gold, etc.

Thickness: 2-9μm
Glazed, polishing
Joining types
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ni
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ag
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Au
Ceramic + printing Ag


> Feedthrough

> Metal/alloy ceramic metallized

Screen Printing
> Roll Printing
> Hand Painting
> Air Brush Spraying
> Immersion
> Centrifugal Coating
> Needle Painting

Vacuum Brazed Alumina Ceramic Thread Rod

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