Al2o3 ceramic shaft piston plunger

Al2o3 ceramic shaft piston plunger

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Al2o3 ceramic shaft piston plunger

Product Description


1) A variety of specifications available.

2) Satisfy various technical request

3) Lower medium spoilage

4) Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance

5) Stiffness texture

6) Used in all electric products and electric heating products

7) OEM, ODM and OBM are welcomed

Product characteristics:

  1. Ceramic plungers are made of high-performance ceramic materials, which have the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and no pollution to materials.
  2. Among various metering pumps, ceramic pumps have the highest accuracy, which can reach ±3%, and maintain long-term stability and high repetition consistency.
  3. The micro-porous structure of ceramic plunger working face obtained by unique processing means has self-lubricating effect and no sealing ring is needed.
  4. The surface of cavity and plunger is machined into mirror by advanced high-precision internal and external grinder. The surface of cavity is made of fluid structure without dead angle and groove, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.
  5. The pump body structure is made of 316L stainless steel, which is connected with ceramics through a specific process.There are no other impurities and it is easy to disassemble.

The product has been tested for corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and safety performance

 Al2o3 ceramic shaft piston plunger

Product Name
Wear Resistance High Al2O3 Industrial shaft 99% Alumina Ceramic Plunger
99% Alumina Ceramic Plunger
ISO 9001
Item                                       Unit                        95 Al2O3             96 Al2O3             99 Al2O3             
Physical Characteristics       Heat resistance0C150015501800
Bulk density                     g/cm33.63.63.9
Water absorption             %000
Flexural strength               Mpa320340360
Mechanical Characteristics   Hardness Vickers               Gpa12.213.515.6
Elastic modulus                 Gpa280320370
Poisson’s ratio       
Thermal Characteristics       Linear expansion coefficient                         (200C-5000C) 10-6/0C7.17.28
Thermal conductivity         w/(m.k)162432
Specific Heat                   *10-3J/(kg*K)0.780.780.9
Electrical Characteristics     Dielectric constant (1MHZ) 99.49.9
Dielectric loss angle        *10-41551
Dielectric strength             *106V/m121515


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