Alumina Ceramic Laser Reflector

Alumina Ceramic Laser Reflector

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Alumina Ceramic Laser Reflector

FUBOON Alumina Ceramic Laser Reflector are high-efficiency diffuse reflectors. The perfect diffuse reflection and high reflection efficiency are effectively exploited in laser systems in the 500 nm to 1200 nm spectral range.

FUBOON ceramic reflector is approximately 15-18% porous and virtually no absorption losses. It is suitable for dry cavity laser applications such as low energy air-cooled systems or higher energy laser systems where the reflector is isolated from liquid coolants with o-ring sealed flow tubes.

FUBOON Ceramic laser reflectors reduce and eliminate many of the shortcomings of PTFE polymer reflectors, polished metal specular reflectors and packed powder diffuse reflectors. Here are some advantages of ceramic reflectors. – Ceramic material is strong to resist breakage if a flashlamp explodes – Glazed surfaces are corrosion resistant, allowing direct contact with coolants – There is no plating to flake off like specular metal reflectors – High electrical resistivity – Good thermal conductivity – No pollution.

Advantages of High precision alumina products:

1.Great mechanical strength.

2.Good heat resistant.

3.Good quality and best price.

4.Long life time.


1. We produce 95-99.7% alumina crucibles, boats, insulating parts, rods, wear resistance parts, high temperature ceramic parts etc of alumina ceramic tube products.
2. Mainly used in thermalcouple temperature, liquid steel continous temperature, various industrial furnace of alumina ceramic tube.
3. Especially widely used in petrochemical, spinning, electric, instrumentation, mechanical workout, military project etc industry of alumina ceramic tube.

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