Alumina Ceramic Industrial Nozzle

Alumina Ceramic Industrial Nozzle

Ceramic nozzle for welding and sand blast

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Advantages of Alumina Ceramic Industrial Nozzle:


1.Long life-time cycle

2.Wear resistance.

3.Corrosion resistance.

4.Hight quality with competitive price.

 Alumina Ceramic (Aluminum Oxide or Al2O3) is an excellent electrical insulator and one of the most widely used advanced ceramic materials. Additionally, it is extremely resistant to wear and corrosion. Alumina components are used in a wide range of applications such as electronics, pump components and automotive sensors. FUBOON offers a variety of alumina compositions, including 92% Alumina, 95% Alumina, 96% Alumina, 99% Alumina, 99.5% Alumina and 99.8% Alumina, but the 95% Alumina and 99% are the most widely used materials. Alumina components can be formed by a variety of manufacturing techniques such as uniaxial pressing, isostatic pressing, injection molding and extrusion. Finishing can be accomplished by precision grinding and lapping, laser machining and a variety of other processes.

The specifications of ceramic nozzle :

Alumina Ceramic Industrial Spray Nozzle

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