Metallized Ceramic Vacuum Interrupters

Metallized Ceramic Vacuum Interrupters

Metallized Ceramics for Vacuum interrupters

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Metallized Ceramic Vacuum Interrupters


Big Diametre Glazing & Metallized Ceramic Tubes
1.Good electrical insulation
2.Wear resistant
3.Corrosion resistant

Big Diametre Glazing&Metallized Ceramic Tubes for Vacuum Interrupters

High Alumina Metallized Ceramic Tube Insulator

Electrical Ceramic Insulator

Al2O3 Ceramic Insulator

Ceramic with metallization

Metallized Ceramic Vacuum Interrupters

FUBOON suppliers precision Big Diametre Glazing&Metallized Ceramic Tubes in alumium oxide ceramics for the military,medical and aerospace industries.Through spray,needle and brush coatings or screen printing our capabilities allow us to metallized on flat,cylindrical and complex ceramic bodies. Moly-Manganese is the typical base coat materials used for metallization.

Overview of Main Physical Properties:

1.Good electrical insulation

2.High mechanical strength

3.Excellent wear resistance

4.Excellent corrosion resistance

5.Low dielectric constant



Product Description
1) High-intensity sealing, high air-tightness, high reliability, good heat resistance
2) Excellent insulation performance and high temperature resistance
3) Good mechanical , electrical and thermal conductivity
4) Great bonding strength
5) Widely used for all electric products and electric heating products1.Material: 96% Aluminia(AL2O3)
2.Coating Layer:Molybdenum-Mananese(Mo/Mn)
3.These metallized ceramics are ideal for high voltage, high vacuum and high pressure applicationos.

So far the most widely-used and effective method for creating a leak-tight, robust joint between ceramic and metal is by brazing
. A thin layer of metal deposited on a ceramic part enables brazing between ceramic and metal part that h as a different
coefficient of thermal expansion.
A layer of Molybdenum-Manganese is deposited with a typical thickness of 8 to 30 µm after sintering.
The metallized surface receives a secondary coating of nickel to seal and improve wettability for later brazing.
Electrical transmission and distribution
Electronics industry
Textile machinery
Medical electronics
Automobile industry
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
High temperature application
We can supply the products according to customer’s drawings, samples and performance requirement.
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Descriptions of Metallization Processing:

Metallization Processing
(See Process Description Below)
Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter Banding
Screen Printing
Base Metallization MaterialsMoly Manganese
Tungsten Manganese
Moly Tungsten Manganese
Materials for MetallizationAluminum Oxide
Beryllium Oxide (Restrictions Apply)
Metallization Characteristics/BenefitsLow Temperature Firing
Universally Applicable
Process Speed
Uniform Coating, Thickness and Density
No substrate deformation
Metallization EquipmentDomestic Furnaces
Industry FocusDepartment of Defense
Department of Energy
Solar Product Manufacturing
Computer and Electronics
Vacuum Electronics
Intended Applications for Metallization ProductsTraveling Wave Tubes
Vacuum Electronic Devices
Medical Devices
Photon Machines
Neutron Generators
X-Ray Tubes
High Vacuum Feed Through
Relay Insulators
E-Beam Technology


Available Metallization&Plating Specifications:

Available Ceramic CompositionsAl2O3 94%,97%,99.5%
Available Metallization MaterialsMo/Mn
Metallization Thickness25±10um
Available Plating MaterialsNi/Ag/Au
Plating Thickness2-10um


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