Alumina Al2O3 Metallizing Ceramic Parts

Alumina Al2O3 Metallizing Ceramic Parts

Alumina Al2O3 Metallizing Ceramic Parts

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Alumina Al2O3 Metallizing Ceramic Parts

Product Description

Metallized Ceramics Part Metallized Ceramic Tube

Metallized Ceramics for vacuum interrupters
Metallized Ceramics for electrical and electronic devices
Metallized ceramic brazed components
Provide solutions for high reliability vacuum-tight joints with extreme bond strength. Metallized ceramics are commonly used in many applications, for example in power electronics components placed under extreme load, electrical drive engineering and electrical engineering as well as in electronic components for computer
technology. We makes hermetic ceramic-to-metal joints possible with extremely high bond strengths exceeding 200 N/mm².

Alumina Al2O3 Metallizing Ceramic Parts

Product Name
Metallized Alumina Ceramic Parts Insulator
95%, 96%, 99% Alumina (AL2O3)
Coaing Layer
Coaing thickness
Plated Layer
Plating thickness


>Metallization thickness: 25 ±10um
>Nickel thickness:2~10um;
>Pin full strength: 4200kgf/cm2 avg. (at Φ3.0mm pin)

Available Ceramic Composition >95%,96%,99%,99.6% Alumina Ceramic Components; >AlN Ceramic Substrate; >BeO Ceramic Substrate;

Special process
Metallization and Brazing are possible Our processing is available in a wide range of size and shapes as customer request.
Metallized Ceramic Components Joining types:

Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ni

Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ag
Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Au
Ceramic +printing Ag
Special types are available according to customer’s drawings or samples


Specialized Alumina materials with high insulation resistance High-reliability ceramic tubes. Mo-Mn metallization with nickel plating allows customers to assemble hermetically sealed products.

Electrical transmission and distribution
Electronics industry
Textile machinery
Medical electronics
Automobile industry
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
White goods
High power/High temperature application
We can supply the products according to customer’s drawings, samples and performance requirement.
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