Metallized Ceramic Alumina Insulator for Brazing

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Metallized Ceramic Alumina Insulator for Brazing

Material : 95.0% alumina or high purity alumina with Metalization treatment

– Either CIP or dry press formed bodies with secondary fine-machining
– High precision and good appearance after metalization

– Easy for brazing with Kovar alloy directly

– High bonding strength after brazing with kovar parts

– Good hermetic sealing result after brazing
– Good insulation, anti-magnetic, static electricity-free character for feedthrough use
– Excellent thermal shock resistance and good thermal stability after brazing
– Anti corrosion & abrasion resistance in harsh working environments

– Complying with ROHS and REACH regulations
– Reliable quality, Non-toxic, healthy material, Eco friendly
– Professional ceramic R&D team is available for your requests of various metalized ceramic parts


1. Various size to very tight dimensional tolerances.
2. Excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal characteristics.
3. Various sizes and pattern design Excellent bonding strength.

4. Ceramics have high flexural strength,high tensile strength and good air tightness.

Metallized Ceramic Alumina Insulator for Brazing

Material Performance

ItemUnitSteatite ceramic95 Al2O396 Al2O399 Al2O3
Physical CharacteristicsHeat resistance0C1100150015501800
Bulk densityg/cm32.
Water absorption%0000
Mechanical CharacteristicsFlexural strengthMpa145320340360
Hardness vickersGpa5.712.213.515.6
Elastic modulusGpa120280320370
Poisson’s ratio0.
Thermal CharacteristicsLinear expansion coefficient(20-5000C) 10-6/0C7.97.17.28
Thermal conductivityw/(m.k)2.5162432
Specific Heat*10-3J/(kg*K)0.750.780.780.9
Electrical CharacteristicsDielectric constant (1MHZ)
Dielectric loss angle*10-4181551
Dielectric strength*106V/m18121515

Suitable industries:DC Relayer, Fuel Cell Units, New Energy Vehicles, Charging Piles, DC Railway,  Electric Forklifts, Electrical Appliance, Electric Products

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