Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors

Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors

Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors

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Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors

The description of

Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors
We have been supplying a variety of different ceramic grades with metallization, including 95% alumina, 99% alumina, zirconia, beryllia oxides. It makes us unable to meet the different need from different customers

Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors
The metalized alumina ceramic housings we manufactured are famous for the excellent bonding strength, dense, non-porous ceramic body and vacuum-tight performance, good high-temperature characteristics, and low coefficient of expansion, and so on.

Jointing types:
1.Alumina ceramic base +  Ag plating
2.Alumina ceramic base +  Mo/Mn metallization
3.Alumina ceramic base +  Mo/Mn metallization + Ni plating
4. Alumina ceramic base + Tungsten metalized + Au plating 

Cosmetic quality:
1. The flatness of both end sides must be less than 0,01mm
2.No blister on nickel ( outer) plating at the temperature up to 1150°C
3.No any crack on the surface
4.No any dark spot (  impurities)   on the external surface
5.With evenly glaze distribution  

Diode, Gas triode, Vacuum thyristor, the X-ray tube, and so on.

Overview of Main Physical Properties:

1.Good electrical insulation

2.High mechanical strength

3.Excellent wear resistance

4.Excellent corrosion resistance

5.Low dielectric constant

Overview of Main Applications:

1.Pump seals and other components

2.Wear resistant inserts

3.Insulating washers or bushings

4.Semiconductor components

5.Aerospace components

6.Automotive sensors

7.Electrical or electronic insulators

Metallized Ceramic Housing for Power Semiconductors

Descriptions of Metallization Processing:

Metallization Processing
(See Process Description Below)
Outer Diameter and Inner Diameter Banding
Screen Printing
Base Metallization MaterialsMoly Manganese
Tungsten Manganese
Moly Tungsten Manganese
Materials for MetallizationAluminum Oxide
Beryllium Oxide (Restrictions Apply)
Metallization Characteristics/BenefitsLow Temperature Firing
Universally Applicable
Process Speed
Uniform Coating, Thickness and Density
No substrate deformation
Metallization EquipmentDomestic Furnaces
Industry FocusDepartment of Defense
Department of Energy
Solar Product Manufacturing
Computer and Electronics
Vacuum Electronics
Intended Applications for Metallization ProductsTraveling Wave Tubes
Vacuum Electronic Devices
Medical Devices
Photon Machines
Neutron Generators
X-Ray Tubes
High Vacuum Feed Through
Relay Insulators
E-Beam Technology


Available Metallization&Plating Specifications:

Available Ceramic CompositionsAl2O3 94%,97%,99.5%
Available Metallization MaterialsMo/Mn
Metallization Thickness25±10um
Available Plating MaterialsNi/Ag/Au
Plating Thickness2-10um

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