Al2O3 Ceramic Substrate

Al2O3 Ceramic Substrate for electronics

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Al2O3 Ceramic Substrate for Thin/Thick Film Electronic Circuit
This ceramic material is characterized by its extremely high strength and thermal conductivity. The outstanding surface quality on both sides makes it the perfect companion for any commercial thick film paste and even makes it suitable for a number of thin film applications (sputtering). A960 Alumina offers consistently reliable and convincing performance even when subject to high thermal and electrical loads in terms of its: Thermocycling capability, Thermal shock resistance, Flexural strength, Surface quality, Thermal conductivity. This makes A960 Alumina Ceramic Substrates ideal for power electronics in conjunction with direct copper bonding (DCB) and active metal brazing (AMB).

Al2O3 Ceramic Substrate

1. For this plate,mainly the Alumina content is 96% and 99%.

2. It has the features of high reliability,high density power.

3. High thermal conductivity,high insulation and cycling performance.

4. Dimensions can be formed be mould stamping or laser cutting,

5. It is used in thick film circuit,large-scale integrated circuit,hybrid IC,

semiconductor package,chip resistor and other electronic industry fields.

Product Description
Product Name
96% Al2O3 Alumina Ceramic Substrate for Thin/Thick Film Electronic Circuit
96% Alumina Ceramics/Al2O3 Ceramics
Standard Thickness
0.385mm 0.5mm 0.635mm 0.8mm 1.0mm
Tap casting and laser cutting
Customized Manufacturing
Product Feature
Electrical insulation/ High thermal conductivity
Thick film circuit, large-scale integrated circuit, hybrid IC, semiconductor package, chip resistor and other electronic industry fields

96% Alumina Ceramic is commonly used for production of electric circuit ceramic substrates, it is most frequently used ceramic substrates becasue of its excellent advantages:

✔High mechanical strength and hardness

✔Good electrical insulation

✔Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss

✔Similar thermal expansion with Si

✔High thermal conductivity

✔Excellent corrosion resistance


✔Available for surface metalization

Extra machining service: laser scribing/laser hole drilling/surface polishing/surface metalization could be made on alumina ceramic substrates.

Standard Dimensions

Length x Width /mm
76.2 x 76.2
101.6 x 101.6
114.3 x 114.3
130 x 140
140 x 190

Note: Customized dimensions are available, welcome to send your requirement details to us.


                                                         Material Properties

Related Machining

*Laser Scribing

Laser scribing could be made with high precision and quick delivery, the minimum width is 0.10mm

*Laser Drilling

The minimum hole size of laser drilling is 0.2mm

*Surface Polishing

Polishing could be made on 1 or 2 surfaces, roughness can reach Ra0.03-0.05μm after polishing.


Metalization could be made for DBC or DPC or PCB


Please send us your drawing data and technic requirement for us to make offers.

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