High Voltage Alumina Metalized Ceramic Insulator

High Voltage Alumina Metalized Ceramic Insulator

High Voltage Alumina Metalized Ceramic Insulator for X-ray Tube

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High Voltage Alumina Metalized Ceramic Insulator for X-ray Tube

The prime features of alumina metalized ceramics
1. High bonding/brazing strength with ideal vacuum tightness between the assembly
2. With diamond-like hardness to be 85 HRV and superb compressive strength
3. Great insulation strength and volume resistivity that fit for various high voltage high current applications
4. Chemical stability, anti-aging even if it works in a variety of harsh environments, free of rust forever.
5. Over 276 times wear resistance in comparison with stainless steel, it leads to a long service lifespan.

High Voltage Alumina Metalized Ceramic Insulator

The key parameters capability of metalized ceramics

Leak rate≤1×10-11 Pa•m3 / sMetal layer tensile strength≥ 150Mpa
Volume Resistivity≥108Ω•cmCTE(6.5 ~ 8.0) × 10-6 /°C
Insulation strength≥18kV/mm (D•C)Dielectric constant9~10(1MHz, 20°C)
Cosmetic quality: 1. No cracks, no bubbles; 2. Evenly distributed glaze; 3. No contamination

The description of the metalized ceramics
1. It’s made of 95% aluminum oxide ceramics which has superb mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties.
2. The metallic layer will be applied to a certain surface of ceramic parts which cured by high temperature;
3. Then the metallic layer will adhere to the section tightly to achieve ceramic to ceramic, ceramic to metal jointing.
4. Jointing type of metallization
A. Ceramic base + Silver ( Ag) plating,   10~ 80um thick
B. Ceramic base + Molybdenum ( Mo – Mn) metallization,   20 ~ 40um thick
C. Ceramic base + Molybdenum (Mo – Mn) + Nickle (Ni) plating, Mo/Mn: 20 ~ 40um thick, Ni: 2~6um thick
D. Ceramic base + Tungsten ( W) + Gold (Au) plating, W: 20~40um thick, Au:  0.2um thick



Overview of Main Physical Properties:

1.Good electrical insulation

2.High mechanical strength

3.Excellent wear resistance

4.Excellent corrosion resistance

5.Low dielectric constant

Overview of Main Applications:

1.Pump seals and other components

2.Wear resistant inserts

3.Insulating washers or bushings

4.Semiconductor components

5.Aerospace components

6.Automotive sensors

7.Electrical or electronic insulators

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