Furnace Kiln High Temperature Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube

Furnace Kiln High Temperature Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube

High-temperature alumina ceramic tube

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Furnace Kiln High Temperature Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube   


Benefits of Alumina Ceramic Tubes :

1. Electrical Insulating

2. Thermal shock resistance

3. Wear Resistance

4. High Temperature Resistance

5. High compressive strength

6. Stable Chemical Performance

7. Corrosion Resistance

Furnace Kiln High Temperature Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube   

Features: Alumina ceramic is very stable in air, water vapor, hydrogen, argon, carbon monoxide and vacuum at temperatures below 1700 °C; due to the different purity of alumina when processed into a protective tube, the upper temperature limit can be different.

Alumina protection tube has high air tightness, high temperature resistance, high temperature insulation and corrosion resistance.

Instructions: When in use, the temperature-measuring component of the insulation protection is installed in the protection tube, and then the open end and the even-head are sealed with high-temperature glue. When measuring the temperature, the closed end is inserted into the temperature measurement zone, and the quenching and heat is avoided during use. In order to avoid excessive damage to the protective tube.


Dimension Table for Ceramic furnace tubes: 

Alumina Ceramic Bushing Tube 
OD * ID (mm)Type & LengthOD* ID ( mm )Type & LengthOD* ID ( mm )Type & Length
2*1995AL 1500mm10*795AL / 99AL /995AL 2500mm19.05*14.395AL / 99AL /995AL 2500mm
4*2.512*822.23 * 15.88
6.35 * 3.9695AL / 99AL /995AL 2500mm14*1025.4*19.05



Alumina Single Bore Tube
OD * ID (mm)Type & LengthOD* ID ( mm )Type & LengthOD* ID ( mm )Type & Length
0.7* 0.399AL/995AL1000mm7*4.595AL / 99AL /995AL 2500mm30*2595AL / 99AL /995AL 2500mm
1.1*0.610*770*6095AL / 99AL /995AL 2000mm
1.5*0.895AL / 99AL /995AL 2500mm14*10110*100
3*216*12150*14095AL / 99AL /995AL 1500mm


 Properties sheet of Alumina Ceramic Tubes : 

% Alumina____99.70%99.50%99%95%
Colour——ivoryivoryivoryivory & white
Permeability——Gas – TightGas – TightGas – TightGas – Tight
 HardnessMohs Scale9998.8
Water Absorption____0.
Flexural Strength  ( Typical 20℃)Mpa375370340304
Compressive Strength ( Typical 20℃)Mpa2300230022101910
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion                              ( 25℃ to 800℃)10-6/℃
Dielectric  Strength                                 (5mm Thickness)AC-kv/mm10101010
Dielectric Loss 25℃ @1MHZ____<0.0001<0.00010.00060.0004
Dielectric Constant25℃@1MHz9.
Volume Resistivity (20℃,300℃)Ω .cm3>1014                              2*1012>1014                              2*1012>1014                              4*1011>1014                              2*1011
Long – Term Operating Temperature °C1700165016001400
Thermal Conductivity ( 25 ℃)W/m *K35353420


Furnace Kiln High Temperature Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube

1. We produce 95-99.7% alumina crucibles, boats, insulating parts, rods, wear resistance parts, high temperature ceramic parts etc of alumina ceramic tube products.
2. Mainly used in thermalcouple temperature, liquid steel continous temperature, various industrial furnace of alumina ceramic tube.
3. Especially widely used in petrochemical, spinning, electric, instrumentation, mechanical workout, military project etc industry of alumina ceramic tube.
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