Silicon carbide ceramic machine arm

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Silicon carbide ceramic machine arm

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Material Introduction
Silicon carbide has excellent properties such as superhardness, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, chemical resistance, and super oxidation resistance. As a structural material, it is widely used in industrial fields under severe conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, radiation, and abrasion, such as mechanical seals, high temperature heat exchangers, high temperature ceramic radiation burners, high load and long life kiln furniture, and aero engines Combustion chamber, nuclear fuel cooling reactor coating materials, high temperature gas-cooled reactor lining materials, ceramic engine parts, etc.
Pressureless sintering
Reaction sintering
Density (g/cm³)
Hardness (HRA)
Compressive strength (MPa)
Flexural strength (MPa)
Silicon carbide content (%)
Modulus of Elasticity (GPa)
Thermal conductivity (W/m·K)

Silicon carbide ceramic machine arm

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Characteristics:
1 Good thermal shock resistance
2 Creep resistance
3 Low density
4 High fracture toughness
5 High hardness and wear resistance
6 Electrical resistivity

The prime features of  Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic

1. Extraordinary thermal shock, it can withstand up to1000ºC
2. It’s easier to do precise machining, the tolerance can be 0.001mm
3. Chemical corrosion resistance under high temperature, except for HF and H3PO4
4. Extreme wear and abrasion resistance., much better than stainless steel
5. Great mechanical properties, hardness, compressive and flexural strength are much higher stainless steel

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