High Temperature Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter

High Temperature 220V 600W 1200C SiN3 Ceramic Heating Element Silicon Nitride Igniter

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High Temperature Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter

Silicon Nitride Igniter for Pellet Stove


Due to excellent performances as: high mechanical strength at high temperature, wear-resistant, acid

and alkali corrosion resistance, high hardness at high temperature and self-lubricating, Silicon Nitride is
a better choice over its competitors in applications with high temperature, corrosion, mechanical wear
and other extreme harsh conditions in aerospace, petroleum and chemical engineering. The silicon
nitride ceramic heater is superior in durability and can maintain high performance for a long time.


Product Description

High Temperature Silicon Nitride Ceramic Igniter

Silicon nitride ceramic igniters are normally rectangular in shape. These igniters have a lot operation zone up to 1000 degree C . and a cold zone in the contact area. Encapsulated terminal can prevent short circuit caused by conductive contamination. They can be operated with or without a controller. Silicon nitride igniters have several times the durability than that of silicon carbide products. Dimension , power and input voltage are customizable according to your requirement.
Silicon Nitride igniter can heating up to 800 to 1000degree within tens of seconds. Silicone Nitride ceramic can sustain corrosion of melting metals. With proper instatllation and igniting process , the igniter can server several years.
>>> Specification:
Rated Voltage:
230V,220V,110V,120V,   26V,   24V,   11V
Rate Power
DG01:500-2500W DG04:500-2500W
DG02:500-2500W DG05:500-2500W
DG03:500-1200W DG06:500-1500W
Max Power:
Service life :
5000 hours
Electric insulation strength:
 2500V、50HZ (Room temperature),no breakdown in 1 minute
Leakage of current:
No more than 0.025 mA under normal working conditions, no more than 10 mA in water after breaking
Acid corrosion resistance:
Boiling in 5% sulfuric acid solution for 6h, corrosion rate is less than 10g/m2•h
Alkali resistance:
Boiling in 30% sodium hydroxide solution for 6h, corrosion resistance less than 0.6g/m2•h
liquid, water
 >>> Performances & Characteristics:
1) Electrical safety. The current leakage after the break is less than 10 mA
2) High temperature resistance .Dry point up to 1300 ℃
3) High surface load. Heating liquid surface load up to 78w/cm2
4) Small size
5) The thermal inertia is small, faster heating up.
6) Long service life
7) Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

Advantages of Silicon Nitrid Igniter:

1) High effciency,heating up quickly
2) Safety, electricity insulation
3) Corrosion resistance to many acids and alkalis
4) High temperature resistance
5) Good low temperature startting
6) Long service life
7) Good stability and power accuracy
8) High strength,toughness and hardness
9) Small size and light weight

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ignition Application

> Mold heater

> Packaging Machinery
> Tobacco equipment
> Industrial equipment heating
> Burner ignition system
> Mold heater
> Industrial equipment heating
> Petrochemical industry
> Various of high temperature ignition devices




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