Silicon nitride stopper Valve

Silicon nitride stopper Valve

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Silicon nitride stopper Valve

Si3N4 or Sialon/Syalon is the suitable material of stopper valve, which is used in the molten aluminum from smelting furnace infused to holding furnace, degassing tank and reservoir tank of low pressure casting. The advantages of Si3N4 material are as follows:

Good thermal shock resistance and high-temperature mechanical strength, light weight,high strength, and easy to process.

●Molten aluminum’s low wettability prevents stick of slagging in the tube, thus easy to maintain and operate.Flexible turning on and off, it can ensure the conveying the aluminum liquid in time.

●Good air tightness is needed to ensure the pressure of each cavity when in low pressure casting, so it’s necessary to guarantee the good process precision. Fuboon has the ability to process high precision ceramic bearing, we can promise the good gas tightness of such stopper valve.

●Si3N4 has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and ensure longer working life. If proper maintenance, the actual using life can be up to 2-3 years.

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