Silicon nitride ceramic components

Silicon nitride ceramic components

Silicon nitride is optimal for engine parts due to its toughness at high temperatures, superior thermal shock resistance, light weight and corrosion resistance.

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Silicon nitride ceramic components

Product Description

Silicon Nitride has good high temperature strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance, Silicon Nitride offers the low
thermal expansion coefficient gives good thermal shock resistance compared with most ceramic materials.Silicon nitride is sintered
at high temperature( around 2000℃) and highly densified . Compared to silicon carbide, silicon nitride has better mechanical
strength and thermal shocking resistance. It also posses excellent electrical insulating property, wear resistance and corrosion

The prime features of Si3N4 ceramic
1.Low density:  3.2 g/cm3   with lightweight than most other technical ceramics
2. Superior hardness, it’s one of most hardest technical ceramic than others
3. Great wear resistance due to its exceptional hardness and self-lubricity
4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity (20 W/m.k)
5. Great thermal shock resistance, it’s up to 1000ºC under the special atmosphere
6. High mechanical strength and well resistance to impact than other advanced ceramics
7. Heat & high-temperature resistance, The max. service temperature can be up to 1300ºC
8. Chemical and corrosion resistance, resistant to almost all inorganic acids and many organic acids
9. At the same time, Silicon nitride is a high-performance electrical insulation material

Properties of Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)
Very low density
High wear resistance and corrosion resistance
High temperature resistance
Good flexural strength and high fracture toughness
Very good thermal shock resistance
Dimensional stability and aging resistance
Excellent sliding properties (tribology)
Biocompatibility (for use in hygiene and the food and beverage industry)

Datasheet of Technical ceramics

Si3N4  99.5% Al2O399% Al2O396%
Water absorption%0000
Flexural strengthMpa≥600≥379≥338≥320≥1200
Compressive strengthMpa≥2500≥2240≥2240≥2000≥1990
Fracture toughnessMpa m1/264-54-53-46.5-8
Max. service temperatureºC12001675160014501000
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)1×10 -6 /ºC3.26.5~8.06.2~8.05.0~8.08.0~9.5
Thermal shockT(ºC)≥600≥250≥200≥220≥300
Thermal conductivity(25ºC)W/m.k203029243
25ºC>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 11
300ºC1 x 10 128 x 10 1110 12 -10 131 x 10 10
500ºC5 x 10 102 x 10 91 x 10 91 x 10 6
Insulation strengthKV/mm19181817
Dielectric constant(1Mhz)(E)


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