ZRO2 Zirconia Ceramic Sheet Substrate

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ZRO2 Zirconia Ceramic Sheet Substrate

Product Description
Zirconia ceramic Sheets are characterized by high toughness, high bending strength, high hardness and high wear resistance. Zirconia ceramics have a dimensional hardness of 11.5GPa, a density of 6.0g/cm3 and a compressive strength of 2100MPa. Zirconia ceramics are widely used as ductile ceramics with fracture toughness up to 8.0 mpAM1/2.

The specification of ceramic parts

Material optionZirconia (ZrO2),  Alumina(Al2O3), Silicon carbide(SiO2), Silicon nitride(Si3N4)
Forming methodsDry pressed, Ceramic injection molding, Hot pressed, ISO pressed
SpecificationOD can be from 1 to 50mm, length can be from 10mm to 800mm
Precision processingCNC machining, Precision grinding, Polishing, Lapping,
ToleranceThe tolerance of OD and ID can be 0.001mm,  the tolerance of length can be 0.001mm
Key parametersRoughness to be 0.02mm, Parallelism to be 0.001mm
Surface qualityFree of cracks, foreign contamination, mirror surface better than Ra0.1
ZRO2 Zirconia Ceramic Sheet Substrate
smooth surface (easy to clean), good toughness, impact resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, low thermal
conductivity (heat insulation), generally no insulation and high temperature resistance
Applications: machinery, optical fiber, cutting tools, medical, food, chemical, aerospace
Ceramic material composition:

– – 95%–99.99% Alumina (Al2O3)
– – Silicon Carbide · Silicon Nitride
– – TTZ: Magnesia partially stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)
– – YTZP: Yttria partially stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)
– – ZDY: Yttria fully stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)

Properties of Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2)

* High thermal expansion (α=11 x 10-6/K, similar to some types of steel)
* Excellent thermal insulation/low thermal conductivity (2.5 to 3 W/mK)
* Very high resistance to crack propagation, high fracture toughness (6.5 to 8 MPam1/2)
* Ability to conduct oxygen ions (used for the measurement of oxygen partial pressures in lambda probes)

Datasheet of Technical ceramics

Water absorption%00000
Flexural strengthMpa≥379≥338≥320≥1200≥1200
Compressive strengthMpa≥2240≥2240≥2000≥19901750
Fracture toughnessMpa m1/24-54-53-46.5-811
Max. service
CTE1×10 -6 /ºC6.5~8.06.2~8.05.0~8.08.0~9.510.2
Thermal shockT(ºC)≥250≥200≥220≥300350
Thermal conductivity(25ºC)W/m.k30292433
Volume resistivityohm.cm
25ºC>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 11>1 x 10 11
300ºC1 x 10 128 x 10 1110 12 -10 131 x 10 101 x 10 10
500ºC5 x 10 102 x 10 91 x 10 91 x 10 61 x 10 6
Insulation strengthKV/mm1918181720
Dielectric constant(1Mhz)(E)

ZRO2 Zirconia Ceramic Sheet Substrate

Our capability and strength

We have in-housing comprehensive manufacturing types of equipment, including forming, sintering,
CNC machining, precision grinding, laser cutting, and so on, it helps us to control the quality very well.
Also, it greatly benefits cost control.

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