Zirconia ceramic rotor for bead mill

Zirconia ceramic rotors

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Zirconia ceramic rotor for bead mill

Product Description

Zirconia ceramic zirconium lined ceramic rotor

Zirconia ceramics materials provide excellent erosion, corrosion and abrasion resistance along with temperature resistance,fracture toughness and strength. These ceramic components are used in extreme service applications that take advantage of their superior wear and corrosion resistance.
We offered Yttria Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal(Y-TZP), Mg-PSZ and ZTA ,there are many applications of Zirconia ceramics in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They provide economic payback in the way of reduced maintenance and down time. Zirconia ceramics is also becoming the material of choice for components in healthcare applications.


1. High Thermal Expansion
2. Excellent Thermal Insulation; low thermal conductivity
3. High resistance to crack propagation,high fracture toughness
4. Ability to conduct oxygen ions

Zirconia ceramic rotor for bead mill

* Basket Mills
* Horizontal Sand Mills/Bead Mills
* Three Roll Mills
* Radial Bead Mill
* Vertical Roller mill
* High efficiency-mill

* Disc mill
* Nano mill
* Laboratory mill

Our Service:
* Customized components
* Precision Processing and polishing
* Recommended Material
* Mould & Tooling Design
* Engineering Testing Analysis
* Stable Quality Control

Our Production manufacturing processing:
* Dry Pressing,
* Injection
* Iso-static
* Extrusion
* Hot Pressing
* Tape-casting

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