Zirconia ceramic rotor for bead mill

Zirconia ceramic rotors

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Zirconia ceramic rotor for bead mill

Product Description

Zirconia ceramic zirconium lined ceramic rotor

The description of zirconia ceramic parts
Zirconia ceramic parts are made of zirconium oxide ceramics which is a kind of strongest technical ceramic material with exceptional strength, high toughness, and superb reliability. These outstanding characteristics result in excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

We have been offering a selection of partially stabilized zirconia, including Y-TZP( yttria-stabilized), MSZ ( magnesia stabilized ), CSZ- (ceria stabilized). Each stabilized zirconia provides unique and specific properties that meet the demands of extreme applications found in many industries.

With our production capability through CNC, precision grinding machines,  we are able to provide many different level precision zirconia ceramic parts to meet customers’ high precision assembly needs.

The main features of zirconia ceramic parts
1.High density:  over 6 g/cm3, which makes it the densest body of the ceramic products
2.High hardness: over 9 on Mohs scale, diamond being 10, with a satin-smooth surface finish
3.High toughness: over 1200 MPa, approx. 4 times in comparison with 95% alumina
4. Excellent wear resistance, it’s much better than aluminum oxide ceramics with a longer life cycle
5. Low thermal conductivity:  less than 3 W/m.k at ambient temperature, so it’s an ideal thermal material
6. Good chemical and corrosion resistance, it’s equivalent to above 99% alumina


1. High Thermal Expansion
2. Excellent Thermal Insulation; low thermal conductivity
3. High resistance to crack propagation,high fracture toughness
4. Ability to conduct oxygen ions

Zirconia ceramic rotor for bead mill

* Basket Mills
* Horizontal Sand Mills/Bead Mills
* Three Roll Mills
* Radial Bead Mill
* Vertical Roller mill
* High efficiency-mill

* Disc mill
* Nano mill
* Laboratory mill

Our Service:
* Customized components
* Precision Processing and polishing
* Recommended Material
* Mould & Tooling Design
* Engineering Testing Analysis
* Stable Quality Control

Our Production manufacturing processing:
* Dry Pressing,
* Injection
* Iso-static
* Extrusion
* Hot Pressing
* Tape-casting

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