Silicon nitride ceramic Mechanical Arm

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Silicon nitride ceramic Mechanical Arm

Product Description
Silicon nitride is produced in three main ways; Gas Pressure Sintering silicon nitride (GPSSN) , Hot Isostatic Pressing siliconnitride (HIPSN) and Hot Pressed silicon nitride (HPSN). Three way can pore-free densified compacts with low amounts of sintering additives can be obtained. So they present high strength with high reliability and good heat resistance. These properties makethem one of the best candidate materials for heat engine component as well as other industrial fields application.
Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) has good high temperature strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance.In addition, its low thermal expansion coefficient gives excellent thermal shock resistance compared with most ceramic materials.
The fact that this ceramic material is an extremely low-friction and non-magnetic material with a very low specific weight,
excellent dry running properties and therefore superior emergency operating features is what makes it the material of choice for
demanding applications,like ceramic bearing.
Pressureless sintering
Reaction sintering
Density (g/cm³)
Hardness (HRA)
Compressive strength (MPa)
Flexural strength (MPa)
Silicon carbide content (%)
Modulus of Elasticity (GPa)
Thermal conductivity (W/m·K)

Silicon nitride ceramic Mechanical Arm

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Characteristics:

1 Good thermal shock resistance
2 Creep resistance
3 Low density
4 High fracture toughness
5 High hardness and wear resistance
6 Electrical resistivity

The prime features of  Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic

1. Extraordinary thermal shock, it can withstand up to1000ºC
2. It’s easier to do precise machining, the tolerance can be 0.001mm
3. Chemical corrosion resistance under high temperature, except for HF and H3PO4
4. Extreme wear and abrasion resistance., much better than stainless steel
5. Great mechanical properties, hardness, compressive and flexural strength are much higher stainless steel

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