Silicon nitride ceramic Stalk

Silicon nitride ceramic Stalk/Feed Pipe/riser tube

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Silicon nitride ceramic Stalk (Feed Pipe)

Si3N4 or Sialon/Syalon is the suitable material for making aluminum liquid stalk.Stalk is the pipe fitting which transports aluminum liquid to the die cavity in the process  of aluminum alloy die-casting. The advantages of Si3N4 material are as follows:

●Si3N4 has better thermal shock resistance and high temperature mechanical strength, and the strength will not alter at the 800°degree or other molten metal. If preheated at the time of use, it will  get the best effect.

●Low-wettability of molten aluminum can reduce  the adsorbates and slag on the tube, making it  easier to do the daily maintenance. Si3N4 material has low heat conduction and superior heat preservation performance,preventing from heat loss.

●Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and low wettability, the tube can stand repeat washing of  molten aluminum or other molten metal.

●With good high-temperature mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and low wettability,the Si3N4 material can protect the normal working of heater element in the tube for a long time. If proper maintenance, the actual using life can be up to 2-3 years.

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