Si3N4 Integrated heater

Si3N4 Integrated heater

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Si3N4 Integrated heater

According to the status of heater tubes in aluminum industry market, we developed one new heater element, with the integration of Si3N4 protection tube and thermocouple. This kind of integrated heater has many advantages, such as compact structure, large power, fast speed of heating, high heat efficiency.

●With the new material and unique structure, the heater element can make the thermal efficiency be up to 80~90%.

●It makes the full use of advantages of Si3N4 protection tube, –the simple structure and easy to install, makes the using life much longer, which can be up to 2-3 years.

●Insertion and extraction can be processed at any time.The more convenient slag removal makes the maintenance more convenient.

●It has the advantages of small structure, large power, fast heating and high heat efficiency.

●With its safety and environmental protection, this kind of heater can reduce the cost, and also replace the various

heaters in domestic or foreign market. And its economic value and social benefit is very big.

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