5g/H Alumina ceramic ozone plate

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5g/H Alumina ceramic ozone plate with aluminum plate

1. Working voltage : DC 12volt,220V 60HZ/110V 50HZ

2. Ozone output : Adjustable / Non-adjustable

3. Extremely low rate of ozone decay & high ozone concentration.
Ozone concentration is more than100 mg/L, which is much higher than conventional products.

4. Low working voltage discharge ozone generator
ozone output
3.5g/hr, 5g/hr, 10g/hr, 15g/hr, 20g/hr
input voltage
AC 12v,110v,220v
pieces of ceramic plates
ceramic plate size
105x50mm x1mm x 2pcs

5g/H Alumina ceramic ozone plate

Function Features

1,high performance and compact size 2,stable performance 3,fan cooling mode&with a big cooling fins area 4,high efficiency of water treatment / air treatment / medical treatment


1,Cooling method: Air cooling for transformer and ceramic plate.
2,When ozone generators work, it is necessary to have cooling fans to blow the ceramic plates and ozone power supplies. When installing the power supply, please make sure there is 2-3cm high space between its bottom and the fixed board, so that heat on the bottom of the power supply can be radiated quickly.
3,This is a high voltage product. Do not touch it when it is working.
4,Usually after ozone sterilization, it needs 20-30 minutes to diffuse ozone before anyone enters. And only when the ozone concentration is or below 0.15ppm, it is permitted to enter.
5,The ozone output test data is based on 95% pure oxygen feeding and dew point -45°. Different temperature and humidity in the environment will affect the ozone output and concentration.

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