Wood Pellet Ceramic Heater Igniter

Wood Pellet Heater Igniter

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20V 230V 200W Wood Pellet ceramic Heater Igniter for pellet stove

Our ceramic heating elements consist of AL2O3 insulation ceramics with an integrated platinum

conductor, and reach to a permanent operating temperature between 800°C and 1100°C


Ceramic hot surface igniters for pellet boilers need only approx. 1/10 of the energy of that needed

by hot air fans and ignition blowers. Their ignition capacity lies between 120 and 200 Watt. Depend-

ing on the positioning of the ignition element in the boiler, the ignition time of approx. 60 seconds is extremely short. This also means minimal emissions!

 Wood Pellet Ceramic Heater Igniter


One special application area for the high-temperature heaters is in heating systems that use

solid fuels such as wood pellets as the energy source. The challenge here is to ignite the biomass

in a very short time while retaining very low emission values. This can only be achieved with a

sufficiently high ignition temperature.1000°C, heats up the supply air in the shortest possible time

to an extremely high temperature.


Our hot surface igniters are perfectly suited for this purpose. This special geometry of the cylindrical ceramic heaters, in combination with an extremely high surface temperature.

Igniting wood chips, firewood, coal bricks or other biomass (such as corn, etc.) is possible.

Alumina Ceramic Heater Advantages:

1.Compact, Lightweight and Energy Efficient
2.Ceramic heaters feature high watt density and excellent thermal efficiency. Multiple heating elements can be layered into a single unit.
3.Superior Thermal Properties
4.Ceramic heaters reach high temperatures rapidly, and are available with custom-designed heat distribution patterns. The material’s strong insulation properties permit direct contact with a variety of materials, including water, kerosene and metals.
5.High Reliability
6.Superior dielectric strength, electrical insulation and chemical resistance give Innovacera’s ceramic heaters outstanding reliability. Our oxidation-resistant material ensures a long service life.
7.No Electric Noise
8.Ceramic heaters produce no electric noise.


Alumina Ceramic Heater
Max Working Temperature
Working Temperature
Thermal Conductivity
Specific Heat
Hardness(Load 500g)


Alumina Ceramic Heater for Pellet Stove Igniter

1.Heater Surface can reach a permanent working temperature  above 900degree

2.Since air can through and around inside and outside of the heater tube

3.Heat can be transferred from both inside and outside of the heater element

4.Igniting wood chips,firewood,coal bricks or other bimass fuel.

Customization is welcome according to customers’ specific requirement.

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