Alumina Ceramic Eletronic Lighter for Wood Pellet Burner

Alumina Ceramic Eletronic Lighter for Wood Pellet Burner

Ceramic Lighter for Wood Pellet Burner

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Alumina Ceramic Eletronic Lighter for Wood Pellet Burner

FUBOON Biomass ceramic igniter is good for lighting wood pellet and biomass burners. They use only a fraction of the energy required by hot air fans and ignition blowers and will light all fuel types. Ideal for wood pellets, corn, maize, coal, coke etc.


With a considerably higher temperature, around twice that of traditional metal sheathed products, ignition times are reduced to as little as 80 seconds. This makes them significantly more economical in use.

Alumina Ceramic Eletronic Lighter for Wood Pellet Burner


-Wood pellet stove 

-Wood pellet boiler 

-Wood pellet burner 

-Wood chips burner 

-Straw burner 

Other biomass burner


Ceramic hot surface igniters for pellet boilers only need approx. 1/10 of the energy of that needed by hot air fans and ignition blowers. Their ignition capacity lies between 120 and 350 W. Depending on the positioning of the ignition element in the boiler, the ignition time of approx. 60 seconds is extremely short. This also means minimal emissions.
Model No.FUCH-R03
Dimension78*OD10.5*ID6.5mm (Or Customized)
Voltage:120V / 230V
Power:160 W / 180 W / 210 W / 225 W / 230 W / 240 W / 255 W
Tube Size:OD10.5 × ID6.5 × L90 mm
Supporting Socket:NO.4 / NO.5 / NO.6 / NO.29
Lead wire:300mm / 400mm / 500mm / 900mm (Customized is accept)
Range of temperature:800~1100 °C
Package includes:5 pcs


Kerosene fan heater
Wood pellet, wood chips stove or boiler
Biomass Boiler
Incense burner


1) Higher temperature, about twice of traditional metal sheathed heater;
2) Shorter ignition time, about 60~90 seconds
3) Electrically insulated with no exposed electric contacts
4) Wear and corrosion resistance
5) Long life time
6) Easy to install and replace
Ceramic igniter technology benefits:
A fraction of the energy consumption compared to conventional cartridge or element heater.
Long-lasting (non-aging).
Time to ignition 60~90 seconds.
Tested to 100,000 cycles.
Easy to install and retrofit.
800~1100°C at steady-state temperature.
Impervious to oxidation and corrosion.
Ignite kerosene, wood chips, split logs, coal briquettes or other biomass, corn, etc.

Alumina Ceramic Eletronic Lighter for Wood Pellet Burner


1.Heat to 850C in 20s 

2.Working temperature 800C~1100C

3. Mini size, Light weight and Energy Efficient

4. High watt density and excellent thermal efficiency.


5. Superior Thermal Properties

6. Available with custom-designed heat distribution patterns. The material’s strong insulation properties permit direct contact with a variety of materials, including water, kerosene and metals.

7. Superior dielectric strength, electrical insulation and chemical resistance give FUBOON ceramic heaters outstanding reliability.


8. No Electric Noise

9. Ceramic heaters produce no electric noise.


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