Wear Resistant Screw Zirconia Ceramic Tube

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Wear Resistant Screw Zirconia Ceramic Tube

Our material are Y-TZP, Mg-PSZ and Zirconia Toughness Alumina (ZTA). Unlike other ceramic materials, Zirconia ceramic is a material with high flexural roughness. Therefore it is not fragile and proper for producing blades. Another advantage is very sharp. Cutting performance is better than Tungsten carbide.


1.High mechanical strength and excellent wear resistance 

2.Faster cutting rates and consistently good cutting quality, e.g. improved strength of spliced connections

3.Good surface finish and high fracture toughness
4.No corrosion, smooth running

5.Extended maintenance intervals
6.Universal cleaning possibilities using acids, alkaline solutions and organic solvents



1.Cutting food
2.Removing the burrs
3.Spinning machine
4.Slitting the stretch film on cast line
5.For paper core recutting machines
6.Fibers, tapes, film,leather,paper cutting machine application

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