Research Institute 5ml Alumina Ceramic Valveless Pump

Research Institute 5ml Alumina Ceramic Valveless Pump

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Research Institute 5ml Alumina Ceramic Valveless Pump

Ceramic metering pump module incorporates a ceramic piston/valve/cylinder set with housing. The housing forpiston/valve/cylinder sets are typically comprised of 316 Stainless Steel and Tefzel. Custom materials can be used and are available upon request. The piston/valve/cylinder set is sealed by the fit of the piston into the cylinder.Ceramic pump modules are positive displacement mechanisms that do not contain external valves and can run for hundreds of millions of cycles without measurable wear.
There are three types of pump modules: Rotary, Linear and Multiplex which are used for different applications depending upon the customer’s fluidic needs.

Product Advantages:
* Made of high-purity alumina powder imported from Australia, the pumps enjoy the superior properties of high hardness, wear-resistance, heat-resistance, corrosion-resistance;
* Advanced polishing and forming method to get beteter micro porosity, which can play an important role in self lubricating;
* Good surface polish to form a smooth entocoel to easier the disinfecting and washing operation;
* we can produce customized pumps according to different requirements.

Valveless Pump Applications

* Research institutes, laboratories, universities, laboratories, hospitals, factories and other cosmetics.
* Widely used in medicine, pharmaceutical, food, chemcial, cosmetics and other industries precise
* For blood, biological reagents, oral, injection, senior cosmetics, fragrances, fungicides and other liquid quantitative filling precision.
* Various chemical corrosive liquid quantitative filling precision
Research Institute 5ml Alumina Ceramic Valveless Pump
Plunger diameter5mm7mm10mm13mm
MaterialPlunger,pump cavity set(Al2O3,ZrO2)
Discharge volumPer revolution0.17ml/rev0.3ml/rev0.7ml/rev1.6ml/rev
Filling accuracySpinning speed±0.5-1%/0-600RPM±0.5%/0-500RPM
Placement angleThroughput pressure15°/0.6Mpa20°/0.6Mpa
Maximum Suction height4m(This product data measurements to water as the medium)


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