Pneumatic rotary valve type ceramic metering pump

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Pneumatic rotary valve type ceramic metering pump

The rotary valve type pump is a plunger type metering pump with proportional discharge. This metering pump controls and drives the front and rear linear operation of the plunger through a precise pneumatic linear drive,

and adopts a precision ceramic rotary valve structure with precise control The linear movement of the plunger achieves the best liquid injection effect.

This pump is specially designed and manufactured for the precise metering and batching filling of medium and

high viscosity medium liquids, liquids that already contain solid particles.

The capacity range can be adjusted from 0- to the maximum capacity volume, but in order to achieve the best

effect of precision metering, we recommend that the best capacity adjustment is between 10%-100% of the total volume of the pump.

Ceramic rotary valve pumps are widely used in precise metering and transportation of chemical medium liquids,

as well as for physical medium liquids (such as viscosity, temperature, crystallization ladder, vacuum and

pressure conditions) and for conveying pipelines, Installation, nozzles and other medium liquids with

required conditions.

Pneumatic rotary valve type cermaic metering pump

Industry application:

It can be used for matching and modification of the filling part of the packaging machine. It is very suitable for

filling cream, honey, electrolyte, medicinal solution, biochemical reagent, chemical liquid, essential oil, essence, lotion, perfume, nail polish and other medium and high viscosity homogeneous liquid materials.

Main Features

1. The tail spiral precise adjusting structure makes the pump have high measurement accuracy and repetitive consistency, and the accuracy is better than (+0.5%).
2. The metal part of the contact material is made of 316L stainless steel, which has better corrosion resistance.
3. The pump body is connected by full quick disassembling mode, which is convenient for cleaning and
assem- bling, and meets the cleaning requirements of food hygiene standards.

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