Zirconia Ceramic Cutting Blade

Zirconia Ceramic blade

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Zirconia Ceramic Cutting Blade
Zirconia Ceramic Cutting Blade
Ceramic Blades are made of Zirconia. Zirconia or Zirconium Oxide has many advantages over steel, especially for industrial applications. Unlike metal, a zirconium oxide blade is chemically inert. This means no chance of chemical reactions while you cut, as well as a strong defense against harmful bacteria. Ceramic never rusts, which means it doesn’t require the same oils and lubricants used on metal blades to prevent premature rusting. Industries as varied as pulp and paper and aerospace benefit from the use of engineered ceramic blades because of following properties:


Zirconium oxide ceramics are white, yellow or gray when containing impurities, and generally contain HfO 2, which is not easily separated. Pure ZrO2 has three crystal states under normal pressure. The production of zirconia ceramics requires the preparation of high-purity, good dispersion properties, ultra-fine particles, narrow particle size distribution, zirconia ultrafine powder preparation methods, zirconia purification mainly chlorination and thermal decomposition, alkali metal Oxidative decomposition method, lime melting method, plasma arc method, precipitation method, colloid method, hydrolysis method, spray pyrolysis etc.

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