Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Pot

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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Pot

The prime features of Si3N4 ceramic heating pot
1.Low density:  3.2 g/cm3   with lightweight than most other technical ceramics
2. Superior hardness, it’s one of most hardest technical ceramic than others
3. Great wear resistance due to its exceptional hardness and self-lubricity
4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity (20 W/m.k)
5. Great thermal shock resistance, it’s up to 1000ºC under the special atmosphere
6. High mechanical strength and well resistance to impact than other advanced ceramics
7. Heat & high-temperature resistance, The max. service temperature can be up to 1300ºC
8. Chemical and corrosion resistance, resistant to almost all inorganic acids and many organic acids
9. At the same time, Silicon nitride is a high-performance electrical insulation material
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Pot
The specification of ceramic parts

Material optionSilicon nitride(Si3N4), Zirconia (ZrO2),  Alumina(Al2O3), Silicon carbide(SiO2)
Forming methodsDry pressed, Ceramic injection molding, Hot pressed, ISO pressed
SpecificationOD can be from 1 to 50mm, length can be from 10mm to 800mm
Precision processingCNC machining, Precision grinding, Polishing, Lapping, 
ToleranceThe tolerance of OD and ID can be 0.001mm,  the tolerance of length can be 0.001mm
Key parametersRoughness to be 0.02mm, Parallelism to be 0.001mm
Surface qualityFree of cracks, foreign contamination, mirror surface better than Ra0.1

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Heating Pot
The description of Si3N4 ceramic parts
Silicon nitride is a man-made compound synthesized through several different chemical reaction methods. Parts are pressed and sintered by well-developed methods to produce a ceramic with a unique set of outstanding properties. The material is dark gray to black in color and can be polished to a very smooth reflective surface, giving parts a striking appearance. High-performance silicon nitride materials were developed for automotive engine wear parts, such as valves and cam followers, and proven effective. The cost of the ceramic parts never dropped enough to make the ceramics feasible in engines and turbochargers. The very high-quality bodies developed for these demanding high-reliability applications are available today and can be used in many severe mechanical, thermal, and wear applications.

The typical application of Si3N4 ceramics
It’s widely used for producing bearings, shaft, gas turbine blades, mechanical seal rings, and permanent molds, steam nozzle, the heated surfaces of engine components

Datasheet of Technical ceramics

Si3N4  99.5% Al2O399% Al2O396%
Water absorption%0000
Flexural strengthMpa≥600≥379≥338≥320≥1200
Compressive strengthMpa≥2500≥2240≥2240≥2000≥1990
Fracture toughnessMpa m1/264-54-53-46.5-8
Max. service temperatureºC12001675160014501000
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)1×10 -6 /ºC3.26.5~8.06.2~8.05.0~8.08.0~9.5
Thermal shockT(ºC)≥600≥250≥200≥220≥300
Thermal conductivity(25ºC)W/m.k203029243
25ºC>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 11
300ºC1 x 10 128 x 10 1110 12 -10 131 x 10 10
500ºC5 x 10 102 x 10 91 x 10 91 x 10 6
Insulation strengthKV/mm 19181817
Dielectric constant(1Mhz)(E)


Our capability and strength

We have in-housing comprehensive manufacturing types of equipment, including forming, sintering,
CNC machining, precision grinding, laser cutting, and so on, it helps us to control the quality very well.
Also, it greatly benefits cost control.

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