Laser Cutting Alumina Ceramic Substrate

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Laser Cutting Alumina Ceramic Substrate

The high precision laser cutting processing installations can be used for scribing, cutting and drilling ceramic substrates (Minimum hole diameter:0.2mm).Laser cutting method allows to produce ceramic substrates with
various outside contour geometries, hole patterns, cut-outs and snap-lines.

●High cutting accuracy, very small tolerance.
●Eliminating the time-consuming and costly tool fabrication stage.
●As well as increasing the goods supply efficiency by a big margin and shortening the processing circle.


Laser Cutting Alumina Ceramic Substrate

Ceramic substrate refers to a special process board in which copper foil is directly bonded to the surface of alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate (single or double) at high temperature. The made of ultra-thin composite substrate with excellent electrical insulation properties, high thermal conductivity, excellent solderability and high adhesion strength, and the same as the PCB can be etched a variety of graphics, with a large current carrying ability. Therefore, the ceramic substrate has become the basis of high-power power electronic circuit structure technology and interconnect technology.



1. High Power Power Semiconductor Modules; Semiconductor Coolers, Electronic Heaters; Power Control Circuits, Power Hybrid Circuits.

2. Smart Power Components; High Frequency Switching Power Supply, Solid State Relays.

3. Automotive, Aerospace and Military Electronics Components.

4.Solar panel components; telecommunications switches, receiving systems; lasers and other industrial electronics.

Laser Cutting Alumina Ceramic Substrate


1. Ceramic substrate thermal expansion coefficient close to the silicon chip can save the transition layer Mo film, saving labor, materials, reduce costs;

2. Reduce solder layer, lower thermal resistance, reduce voids, improve yield;

3. The 0.3mm-thick copper foil at the same current carrying capacity is only 10% of the normal printed circuit board;

4. Excellent thermal conductivity, the chip package is very compact, so that the power density greatly improved and improve system and device reliability;

5. Ultra-thin (0.25mm) ceramic substrate can replace BeO, no environmental toxicity issues;

6. Current carrying capacity, 100A continuous current through the 1mm wide and 0.3mm thick copper body, the temperature rise of about 17 ℃; 100A current through a continuous 2mm wide and 0.3mm thick copper Body, temperature rise is only about 5 ℃;

7. Low Thermal Resistance, Thermal Resistance of 10 × 10mm Ceramic Substrate 0.63mm Thickness Thermal Resistance of Ceramic Substrate 0.31K / W, 0.38mm Thickness Heat of Ceramic Substrate

8. Resistance is 0.19K / W, 0.25mm thickness of the thermal resistance of the ceramic substrate is 0.14K / W. High dielectric strength, personal safety and equipment protection.

9. Allows for new packaging and assembly methods that make the product highly integrated and compact.

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