Full-Lined ceramic ball valve

Full-Lined ceramic ball valve

Full-lining Hard-sealing Ceramic Ball Valve is made up of six components by the scientific and rational design way. The valve ball and the valve seat ring are processed by the face- contact tooling.

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1.The thickness of the valve body is more than the standards GB,JB and ANSI requirements.The materials,mechanical properties and the mechanical property meets the national standards.The valve are very  sturdy and have fine appearance for the shell’s three-section structure.

2.The material of the stems meets the national standards.With precision surface grinding,nitriding and quenching tempering treatment,the stems have good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

3.The compensation washers inside ensure a good sealing property.Even if the medium contains impurities,the valve will not be blocked,and the ball will not rupture,too.

4.The entire lining of hard seal ceramic ball valve’s sealing surface is structure ceramics,the chemical stability coupled with high hardness(hardness HRA88,only next to diamond)characteristics.Thus,ceramics have the characteristics of high compressive strength,high abrasion resistance,excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance,high temperature,and good insulation properties.

5.Based on precision grinding technology and advanced equipments,the valve structure is simple and smooth,the medium flow resistance is small.Ceramic seal inside is designed with six scientific and reasonable parts,the materials of which are all structure ceramics.The seat and the ball are tightly integrated,in additional,high precision valve balls,good surface quality,light valve torque,zero leakage.

6.To suit the applications:thermal power,steel,petroleum,chemical,paper making,bio-engineering,mines and other industries.Applicable to mediums contain steam,lime,sea water with particles,high-hardness particles,corrosive medium with low-lardness particles,powder,desulfuration,ash disposal,slag discharge and water treatment.In accordance with the different materials,the valves can be used in different conditions(-40 to 280 to 450 Deg C)

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