Casting body ceramic lined ball valve

Casting body ceramic lined ball valve

Casting body ceramic lined ball valve

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Casting body ceramic lined ball valve


FUBOON develop more Cost-effective abrasion-resistant ceramic ball valve for the low pressure application,the proerty almost same as forged body with ceramic lined with low price for big quantity user.The material of valve body can be WCB,SS304,SS316,SS316L for specific medium/application.FUVALVE always saving your cost and downtime with top quality product.


Ceramic Ball Valve



Pressure Rating

PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,CL150,CL300,JIS10K, JIS 20K

Body Material

WCB, A105, SS304,SS316,SS316L

Trim Material

ZrO2, 99% Al2O3,99.7%Al2O3,SSIC, STC, Si3N4


Manual/Penumatic/Electric Actuator /Motor

FUBOON ceramic ball valve have been widely used in all kinds of extreme corrosive and abrasive applications,such as Silicon Powder,Alumina Powder,Dry Coal Powder,Limestone Slurry,Gypsum Slurry,Plaster,Fly Ash,Mining Ore,Coal Powder Injection,Metallurgical dust,Thermal Power plant FGD lime slurry,Petroleum Solid Catalyst pneumatic conveying system ,TiO2 suspension with sulfuric acid,Ammonia solution with powder,Hydrochloric Acid,Liquid Chlorine.



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