Aluminum Nitride Conductive Substrates

Aluminum Nitride Conductive Substrates Ain Insulator Cold Ceramic Pad Sheet

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Aluminum Nitride Conductive Substrates

Ain Insulator Cold Ceramic Pad Sheet


Product Description
Property SortProperty ContentUnitTest Result
Basic Properties            Appearance/Color_Dense, Fine Crystal/off white
Water Absorption%0
Dimensional Tolerancemm≤±0.1
Thickness Tolerancemm≤±0.05
Volume Densityg/cm³3.3
Surface Roughness Raμm0.25~0.5
Mechanical Properties    Flexural StrengthMPa≥450
Modulus Of ElasticityGPa320
Moh’s HardnessMPa’m½8
Electrical Properties      Volume ResistanceΩ.cm≥10^13
Dielectric Constant1M Hz8.7
Dielectric Loss1M Hz3×10^_4
Dielectric StrengthKV/mm≥17
Thermal Properties    Thermal ExpansivityX10_6/℃4.4
Specific HeatJ/kg*k738
Thermal Conductivity (30℃)W/m*k≥180
Regular Size     

Standard thickness:0.385mm,0.5mm,0.635mm,0.75mm,1.0mm;

Standard size: 50.8*50.8mm,76*76mm, 101.6*101.6mm, 114.3*114.3mm, 127*127mm, 140*190mm;   

Customized size and shape is available.       

LT1800 Aluminum nitride conductive ceramic sheet has high thermal conductivity 180W/m-k,one of the highest thermal conductivity materials in metallic materials (7~10 times of alumina ceramic sheet). Excellent mechanical properties, good processing, high precision, smooth surface, no microcracks, bending, etc. Low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, reliable electrical insulation performance. Non-toxic, high temperature of 1800 degrees, oil resistant, chemical resistant, and similar to the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon, without hygroscopic property, stable performance and high reliability in high temperature and high humidity. Along with the microelectronic devices, the extensive development of the microelectronic equipment, the high thermal conductivity nitride ceramic sheet is widely valued and applied.  

Aluminum Nitride Conductive Substrates

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