Aluminum Nitride AlN Heat Sink

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Aluminum Nitride AlN Heat Sink

Products Description
Aluminium Nitride is the very best ceramic commercially available for heat sink applications. It is often used in microelectronics, lighting, power, optics and the ever growing field of renewable energy.
* High electrical insulation with high thermal conductivity
* High chemical resistance and corrosion resistance for long service life
* Excellent high frequency characteristics
· High thermal conductivity combined with good electrical insulation characteristics.
· Exceptional stability when exposed to many molten salts.
· Thermal stability up to at least 1500°C
· Favorable mechanical characteristics extending into the high temperature range.
· Low thermal expansion and resistance to thermal shock.
· Special optical and acoustic characteristics.
Aluminum Nitride AlN Heat Sink

The Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic has high thermal conductivity(5-10 times as the alumina ceramic), low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, good insulation and excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, high thermal resistance, chemical resistance ,and the linear expansion coefficient is similar with Si, which is widely used in communication components, high power led, power electronic devices and other fields.

Aluminum Nitrides (AlN) combines high thermal conductivity with strong electrical resistance, making AlN an excellent solution for many electronic applications. Unlike most electrically insulative materials — which are often also thermally insulative — AlN allows electrical systems to dissipate heat quickly in order to maintain maximum efficiency.
· AlN Ceramic Heat-sinks for high power system
· AlN Crucible for Metal Melting
· AlN Ceramic Rod
· AlN Ceramic Heater
· Ceramic Substrate
· Custom Shape

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