Alumina Ceramic Valve Disc parts for Faucet Water Tap

Alumina Ceramic Valve Disc parts for Faucet Water Tap

Alunima ceramic disc for faucet cartridge and valve .

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Alumina Ceramic Valve Disc parts for Faucet Water Tap

Product Description

    Alumina ceramic is a kind of structural ceramics, with insulation resistance, voltage resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, dielectric loss, stable electrical performance characteristics. Used in electronic ceramic substrates, ceramic electrical insulation, vacuum devices, devices porcelain, spark plugs and other products.



  1. A variety of specifications available
  2. Satisfy various technical request
  3. Lower medium spoilage
  4. Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance
  5. Stiffness texture
  6. Used in all electric products, electric heating products and wear resistant machinery parts


Alumina Ceramic Performance
ItemUnit95 Al2O396 Al2O399 Al2O3
Physical CharacteristicsHeat resistance150015501800
Bulk dnsityg/cm³3.63.63.9
Water absorption%000
Mechanical CharacteristicsFlexural strengthMpa320340360
Hardness vickersGpa12.213.515.6
Elastic mdulusGpa280320370
Thermal CharacteristicsLinear expansion coeffcient(20-500℃)10^-6/℃7.17.28
Thermal conductivityw/(m.k)162432
Specific heat*10^-3(kg*K)0.780.780.9
Electrical CharacteristicDielectric constant(1MHZ)99.49.9
Dielectric loss angle*10^-41551
Dielectric strength*10^6V/m121515


We can supply the products according to customer’s drawings, samples and performance requirement.Send your drawing data to us for offer.



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