Ceramic ring for fiber laser cutting machine

Ceramic ring for fiber laser cutting machine

The ceramic ring is an important part of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine.

Its main function is to transmit the electrical signals collect by the laser head nozzle,

which plays an important role in the normal and stable operation of the laser cutting machine.

It is very important to choose a high-quality laser ceramic ring for the laser cutting machine.

The laser ceramic ring compose of ceramic body, stainless steel parts, and copper needles.

The ceramic body is mainly use to maintain the insulation of the laser head body.

The stainless steel part is used to ensure sufficient contact with the nozzle, so transmitting electrical signals to the copper needles.

After a certain period of use, the old laser ceramic rings in the market often have poor contact between the stainless steel parts and the copper needles,and the copper needles may break in severe cases, resulting in unstable signals, or even no signals,so the laser cutting machine stops for no reason cause losses to the user.

High-quality stainless steel parts, after being assemble with ceramic bodies of appropriate size, can ensure good concentricity.

So the laser cutting machine can reduce the concentricity error between the two when replacing the nozzle.

Datasheet of Technical ceramics

Water absorption%00000
Flexural strengthMpa≥379≥338≥320≥1200≥1200
Compressive strengthMpa≥2240≥2240≥2000≥19901750
Fracture toughnessMpa m1/24-54-53-46.5-811
Max. service
CTE1×10 -6 /ºC6.5~8.06.2~8.05.0~8.08.0~9.510.2
Thermal shockT(ºC)≥250≥200≥220≥300350
Thermal conductivity(25ºC)W/m.k30292433
Volume resistivityohm.cm
25ºC>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 14>1 x 10 11>1 x 10 11
300ºC1 x 10 128 x 10 1110 12 -10 131 x 10 101 x 10 10
500ºC5 x 10 102 x 10 91 x 10 91 x 10 61 x 10 6
Insulation strengthKV/mm1918181720
Dielectric constant(1Mhz)(E)

Ceramic ring for fiber laser cutting machine


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